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SummaryWoodHome , Decor , Mirrors & WallRustic Floating Shelves – Set of 2 | M&W DescriptionWe spend so much time decorating our homes and making big decisions on what colour the wallpaper should be or what type of flooring you want, but sometimes the devil is in the detail, and its the small touches that can really complete a room. The Maison & White Rustic Floating Shelves are a practical, yet stylish accessory that adds that finishing touch. Manufactured with a rustic, yet modern style in mind, the black high-quality stainless steel wire and strong wood base provides a gorgeous touch to any room, whether it be as a kitchen shelf for your spices, or in the living room as a home for some gorgeous greenery, your guests are set to be amazed at your sense of style and attention to detail. CLUTTERED? Weve all got those draws and cupboards that are full to the brim of beautiful trinkets and keepsakes that weve just absolutely nowhere to put or display. The Maison & White Rustic Floating Shelves provide a home for your cherished memories that is deserved. Why not use them to display favours or photos of your favourite times? NO MORE EMPTY SPACE During the long, sometimes painful process of decorating a new home, bare walls can feel cold and empty, but if youre not an art fan and more of a minimalist, these delightful shelves can give you something to fill that empty space without breaking the bank. EASY INSTALL We dont want you to be wasting valuable time working out how to put the shelves up or rummaging through your garage to find the right screw. With these rustic shelves weve added included all the hardware you need to get them set up in no time at all. Specification: Size: L 29cm x W 10.5cm x H 12.7cm Material: Wood & Steel In the Box: x2 Maison & White Rustic Floating Shelves, Fixings 2 Year Warranty All product images © 2019 Maison & White ® (Xbite Ltd)

Colour: BlackMaterial: Wood

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Rustic Floating Shelves – Set of 2 | M&W

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